New Music From the Trio

You'd think that, seeing as my office is a studio, I'd be recording stuff all the time. Well, I thought so too. We were both wrong. However! After much deliberation we've dreamed up the next step for recorded music from the band. We play our songs with a very improvisational spirit, aiming to play our songs in harmony with our surroundings and in response to the energy of the crowd. What better way to capture that in the studio than to record live off the floor? So, we spent a few hours in the studio over the last couple of weeks recording a bunch of tunes, and decided on these six for the first batch. If you want to have a listen you can check them out over on the Music Page or find us in person for a rare hand stamped physical copy! 

The best part is: Just like the Depot EP, this one will be ever-evolving as well. On the second Tuesday of each month we're going record a live stream from the studio, and pick the best song out of that to take a spot on the EP. 

We decided to call this one the 2-Mile EP, because Canada has the longest trains in the world, measured at about 2 miles! Since this will be an especially long EP, it seemed fitting.

If you're one of our Patrons over on our Patreon page you can download it for free! (Along with all sorts of other stuff.) 

We've got a big summer coming up. Stay tuned here for more!