A Pretty Alright Hunk o' Days

Hey, friends!

I had a pretty good week this week! Onion Honey played down in Jarvis, Ontario on a very rainy day for their 150 Homecoming festival. The people were super friendly, and so were their food trucks! I hope we can get back down there on a sunnier day, though, seems like a nice little town. They kept playing baseball through the rain! Gotta love it.

I went to the weekly Thursday jam night at Together We're Bitter brewing in Kitchener, and had some great jams with my friend Bill Howard of Ever Lovin' Jug Band fame! Was great to hang out and talk to the folks there, I really like what they're doing there! And of course, the beer is wonderful. Another rainy night though. Spring has certainly sprung! 

I'm off to go camping this weekend, let's hope the rain holds off for a couple of days

And, earlier on in the week I wrote a new tune called Fever Dream, which is up on the YouTube channel now! If you check it out, leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think! I'll be adding more videos on the channel all the time, so don't forget to subscribe to get notified when I post something new!