Rock Dunder and Sand Lake Seaweed

Another couple weeks gone by. Time sure seems to fly during the summer! I've been super busy between shows (and a CD release) with my band Onion Honey, camping trips, and putting together videos that I've hardly had time for anything else! 

During this most recent trip our to Sand Lake I was able to take the time to learn a few new banjo tunes, and then actually write a new one! I'm pretty happy about that because it's been a while. I decided to call it "Sand Lake Seaweed," because oddly enough, a lake called Sand Lake is full of seaweed! Weird. So there it is. 

Take a look at the video I made to talk about my trip, and I share a bunch of pictures as well:

Northland Rail Service - Rock Dunder:

And then here's the video I made of just Sand Lake Seaweed:

Thanks for coming by! Remember, if you haven't got the Depot EP yet, you can buy it for just $5 over here.

See ya 'round,